Your object is not only to practise Yoga for your own internal  progress and perfection, but also to do a work for the Divine. 
This is not an Asram like others — the members are not Sannyasis; it is  not moksa that is the sole aim of the Yoga here.
What is being done here is a preparation for a work — a work which  will be founded on Yogic consciousness and Yoga-Shakti, and 
can have no other foundation. Meanwhile every member here is  expected to do some work in the Asram as part of his spiritual preparation.

page 231

Work here and work done in the world are of course not the  same thing. The work there is not in any way a divine work in 
special — it is ordinary work in the world. But still one must  take it as a training and do it in the spirit of karmayoga — 
what matters there is not the nature of the work in itself but  the spirit in which it is done. It must be in the spirit of the 
Gita, without desire, with detachment, without repulsion, but  doing it as perfectly as possible, not for the sake of the family 
or promotion or to please the superiors, but simply because it is  the thing that has been given in the hand to do. It is a field of 
inner training, nothing more. One has to learn in it three things,  equality, desirelessness, dedication. It is not the work as a thing 
for its own sake, but one’s doing of it and one’s way of doing  it that one has to dedicate to the Divine. Done in that spirit it 
does not matter what the work is. If one trains oneself spiritually  Work and Yoga like that, then one will be ready to do in the true way whatever special work directly for the Divine (such as the Asram work) one may any day be given to do.

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Self-dedication does not depend on the particular work you do,  but on the spirit in which all work, of whatever kind it may 
be, is done. Any work, done well and carefully as a sacrifice  to the Divine, without desire or egoism, with equality of mind 
and calm tranquillity in good or bad fortune, for the sake of  the Divine and not for the sake of any personal gain, reward 
or result, with the consciousness that it is the Divine Power to  which all work belongs, is a means of self-dedication through Karma.

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Of course the idea of bigness and smallness is quite foreign to  the spiritual truth. Spiritually there is nothing big or small. Such 
ideas are like those of the literary people who think writing a  poem is a high work and making shoes or cooking the dinner is 
a small and low one. But all is equal in the eyes of the Spirit — and it is only the spirit within with which it is done that matters. 
It is the same with a particular kind of work, there is nothing  big or small.  In the wider consciousness one can deal with the small as well as the high things, but one comes to deal with them with a larger as well as a profounder, subtler and more accurate view 
coming from a more and more understanding and luminous  consciousness so that the thoughts about small things also cease 
to be themselves small or trivial, being more and more part of a  higher knowledge.

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The sadhak ought to be ready to do any work that is needed,  not only the work he prefers.

It is not that you have to do what you dislike, but that you have  to cease to dislike. To do only what you like is to indulge the vital 
and maintain its domination over the nature — for that is the  very principle of the untransformed nature, to be governed by 
its likes and dislikes. To be able to do anything with equanimity  is the principle of karmayoga and to do it with joy because it is 
done for the Mother is the true psychic and vital condition in  this Yoga.

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Collected Works of The Mother 
First Edition, Volume 14,

Part 6: Work

"The field of work does not change. What you are doing now, you will continue to do. It is in the attitude in the work, especially in the relation with the other workers, that the change must take place. Each one sees the work in his own way and believes it is the only true way, the only way that expresses the Divine Will. But none of these ways is completely true; it is only by rising above these divided conceptions that one can reach a better understanding of the Divine's Will. This means mutual understanding and collaboration instead of opposition and clash of wills and feelings. "

The Mother, 23 May 1934

You will become more and more perfect in your work as the consciousness grows, increases, widens and is enlightened.

The Mother, 7 October 1934

Try to enjoy doing everything you do.

When you are interested in what you do, you enjoy doing it. 

To be interested in what you do, you must try to do it better and better. 

In progress lies true joy. 

The Mother, 6 January 1952

There must be order and harmony in work. Even what is apparently the most insignificant thing must be done with perfect perfection, with a sense of cleanliness, beauty, harmony and order.

The Mother, 23 August 1955

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