KARIAPPA HOUSE is an offering to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

It is a home and a place of retreat for the owner,
Jyoti Cariappa Saikia and for me, Kakoli, her friend and work partner.

We have opened it up for like minded people who will appreciate the beauty
and the quietness of this house.

They say it takes a village to raise a family,
we believe it takes an entire community to create a home.

without our friends, who are also our family, Kariappa House would not be what it is, a HOME.


What brought us together as friends and as work partners was our common
aspiration to create beauty and harmony around us.
We chose to make Pondicherry our home because of its strong spiritual base and the wonderfully
rich global community around us.
With backgrounds in textile and design, both of us decided to make these lovely homes our canvas
and share it with like-minded people.
Its been a great journey so far and while Jyoti continues to divide time between Delhi (where she works) and Pondicherry, I (Kakoli) am now a true "Pondicherrian"...if there is such a word.  

KARIAPPA HOUSE is leased to managed by

GRATITUDE CONSULTANTS LLP, registered in New Delhi. 

LLP Identification Number:AAA-2677


Number of Designated Partners: 3

Date of Incorporation: 01 November 2010

Registered address: C-144, SARVODAYA ENCLAVE, NEW DELHI South Delhi DL 110017

Pondicherry address: 52, Rue Romain Rolland, Pondicherry 605001


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