What we offer at Kariappa House

It was our intention to create and share a space and experience that is not only informed by our own sense of aesthetics but also influenced by our travels and experiences that we have acquired over the years.
It is very personal and we use an eclectic mix of elements and objects from the past to provide contemporary comforts.

Jyoti and  Kakoli

Bed & Breakfast

At Kariappa House, we treat each guest like a personal house guest...we tend to your needs, serve homemade breakfast & other meals on request, offer personal recommendations and introduce you to local events and people.
Over the years, some of our B&B guests have become lifelong friends.
Needless to say, we also know how to keep our distance if you need privacy and are here seeking solitude.
Below you can see images of some of the en suite private rooms that we offer as B&B. We have 4 of these at Kariappa House and 4 at Mantra.
Minimum stay is 2 nights.

Studio  Rental

Pondicherry is a place where Writers, Artists, Musicians and Researchers come to stay and focus on their work. The rich diaspora of global residents, the French influence and the presence of institutes of academic excellence like the École française d’Extrême Orient and the Institut Français de Pondichéry, spiritual research facilities like SACAR, the proximity to Art in all its forms in Auroville and in Pondicherry, makes it an ideal place to dive deep within to create meaningful work and be inspired. 
We welcome such long stay guests who have the ability to create an enlightened environment just by their presence.
We have 3 serviced Studio Units, equipped with their own kitchenettes. Two of them have contemporary interiors and the 3rd one is part of an old Tamil House.

Long  term  rental

We really wanted to create a beautiful place where like minded people could stay in one space and yet have their own privacy, could share common resources and meet to exchange thoughts and ideas to enrich our lives.
In a sense, we want to re-create the family who choose to stay here with us.
At present, we are three long term/permanent residents here, each living in our own space. 
We are not just looking for tenants, we are looking for indivuals or couples who can become part of the family. 
While the 3 Studios can be let out for long term rentals, we also have another unit- a two bedroom/living cum dining with a big kitchen. This is the Ground floor of the MANTRA house. 


Long term rental -



Retreats  and 

Designing, Textiles, Organic Farming, Alternate healing, Healthy Food...these are our hobbies and passion while we love reading, music and all forms of Art. Some of these we are pretty good at and would like to share our skills and learning with others as and when we are able to hold workshops.
At the same time, we welcome those who would like to use our space for creating experiential workshops and retreats. 
We have an equipped Audio-visual Room and also a large covered space on the terrace...enough space for upto 20-30 participants.

O U R    O T H E R    F A C I L I T I E S


Swimming Pool

We have a covered 23m long Lap Pool.
Bed & Breakfast guests use it for free.
Short and Long stay tenants can take a membership.
Since it is a 10' wide lap pool, we ask our guests to BLOCK AN ONE HOUR SLOT for exclusive use at the time of booking, or arrival (depending on available slots). Pool is open from 7am to 8pm.


The Tea Room

We do not provide Tea trays in each room like a Hotel. As an alternative, we have a Tea Room for our B&B guests and this is open 24x7. You can make filter coffee (French Press) and tea and help yourself to home made cookies any time.


Reading Room

Being avid readers, we have an eclectic collection of books and have created a quiet Reading Room for those who wish to sit quietly and read.
Free Wifi is available all over the property at all time.



If you come to stay with us for a minimum period of 5 days, then you can join our morning Suryanamaskar session on the terrace. 
Alternately, we can arrange a private yoga teacher for you for the duration of your stay.
The Yoga shed on the terrace is available for use by all guests and tenants at any time. 


The Natural Reflexology Path

The benefits of foot reflexology is well known. Get a foot treatment by walking on smooth pebbles with running water, simulated to give the feel of a running stream as you walk through our shade garden, 
The water runs on the path every day after breakfast and you can also get it started as per your convenience. 



In our Massage Room on the terrace, we provide full body relaxing massage, one person at a time. Our masseuse are locals who are good at it and we have both male and female masseuse. One of them, an older woman, is a trained physiotherapist (she works only on women).



2 classes every week on Saturdays and Tuesdays:  8.30-9.30am
monthly membership open to locals as well,
@Rs.3000/- for 1 month
single class/drop in: Rs.500/-+GST
if you wish to join the morning somatic yoga class.
Please email kakoli@kariappahouse.in
OR whatsapp on 8248600988
Please do not call, ONLY MESSAGE OR EMAIL 
Somatic Yoga with Ear Acupuncture with Essential Oils
Somatic Yoga with Somatic Meditation
Somatic Yoga with Pranayama
Somatic Yoga with the context of Yama and Niyama
Bandha's and their application.
Essential oils and their uses from a East Asian Medicine Perspective
Stress Managment from a Yogic Perspective 


Pottery class

Pondicherry can easily be called the Pottery capital of India if one counts the numbers of potters we have here. This is because of GOLDEN BRIDGE POTTERY which was started by Ray and Debbie in the 70s. Aarti is a teacher at GBP and she stays at Kariappa House and depending on her schedule, holds short term pottery classes for our guests...ask us for details, minimum stay is 7 days to attend a course.


Curated local tours/picnics

We will meet you at breakfast and give you all information and suggestions that you may need for local sightseeing.
But we also have a few places where we take our discerning guests and we offer them as a personalised tour.
These are generally places which are not on the tourist map.


Gourmet Dining

Although Pondicherry has quite a few good restaurants, nothing beats great home cooked meals.
We can organise these for you and also some cooking classes, if you are interested.

Additional  Information

All rooms are strictly NO SMOKING and we allow smoking in only 2 areas: 1) On the terrace ONLY under the Solar Panels (2) In the Courtyard under the Bamboo. E Cigerettes can be used discreetly on the balconies/outdoors.

We have a few bicycles which we can rent out at nominal cost. We also help you hire bicycles and scooters for self drive and arrange for Auto Rickshaws and Cabs. Airport pick up service can also be arranged.

The property does not have a restaurant but since some of us live here full time, we do have a Home kitchen which serves breakfast to all B&B guests and ON REQUEST and PRIOR INFORMATION, you can have home cooked lunch and dinner.

We all value our privacy and definitely do not want strangers walking around inside. If a guest or a tenant has a visitor, they are welcome to meet in the common areas and not in the rooms.

Our Main Gate is always locked and guests and tenants are given a key to the pedestrian entry gate. If you wish to order take-away food online, be sure to be at the Gate to receive it when it arrives. If you do not have an Indian phone, you can always use ours (ask Vijay or Ramji)
Please DO NOT EAT in the Rooms. We will provide all crockery and service to have your meals in the Dining Room. 

We have free Wifi all over the property and unless there is a significant fault, it works quite well. Do ask for the password when you arrive.
We have secure parking space for upto 10 cars.
Personal Laundry can be done by us at an extra cost. However, we are not experts so if you have expensive clothing, we can get it done outside professionally.

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