The Human Connection

Meet some of the people who will make your stay as comfortable as possible.
We believe that in order to feel at home, you need to be taken care of by people who consider Kariappa House as their own and welcome you and look after you as a personal House Guest.
Our small team consists of Suresh, Janarthanan, Ramji and Vanaja and they do not provide service simply because it is their job. They do it because they love Kariappa House and they are genuinely happy to have guests. They are supported by a small group of local women who help keep the place spotlessly clean


we now have a team headed by Dileep.
We are yet to upload his video.
He comes with ample experience in interacting with guests and is a voice of calm and reason and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Ram ji

Rameshwar (or Ram ji, as he is called fondly) is an army veteran and has been with the family for 25 years since he took voluntary retirement.
He now devotes his time to Kariappa House and lives on the premises, hence is available 24x7. His rustic charm lies in the fact that he can do anything to make a guest happy.....and is just a calling bell away.
Being from the state of Rajasthan, hindi is his main language but he can manage very well with his own brand of english.


Vanaja is our Housekeeping Supervisor and also a great cook!
She is a gentle soul, a soft spoken person and a comforting presence who floats around the houses.
She is helped by a team of local women...all of who speak only Tamil
Vanaja speaks English fluently and is available 8.30 am -4-30p


...and I am your host,  Kakoli. 

standing behind me is Jyoti, the co-host and owner.

To provide personalised care, we would really like to know more about those who are coming to stay with us.
So do please use the Contact Form to write to us.

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