We have recently added the facility of an E-Rickshaw 
as a free shuttle service from Kariappa House to our other property, Gratitude Heritage,
in the French Quarter.
We currently provide this service from 9am to 4pm, 
4 times a day. 

Vaithikuppam : The fast gentrification of a fishing village

Although barely 950m from the French quarter, you can walk into a different world within minutes as you walk north along the sea.
Vaithikuppam is an urbanised village, which was primarily a fishing area until very recently.
As more and more apartments start replacing these colorful thatch roof huts and small tamil houses, we hope that this area will remain a fascinating melting pot that it still is at present.
Scroll down to see features and details of this area so rich in local favors which makes it a very lively and interesting place.
The sites are listed below according to the numbers on the map above....all within walking distance from K House.

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