K   A   R   I   A   P   P   A        H   O   U   S   E

A Retreat in Pondicherry


We are taking utmost precaution to make it safe, for our guests, our staff and for those of us who live here.
1. After every check-out, we block the room for 24hrs
2. After every check-out, we sanitise every surface in the room
3. All our linen is washed inhouse and sun dried on the terrace-not sent to any outside laundry facility
4. All staff members who come to work, bathe after arrival and use masks and gloves
5.We have reduced staff size to limit to 50% of our normal staff attendance at any given time
6.Our Guest/Property size ratio is such that there is minimum interaction guest/staff or guest/guest interaction
7. Our chlorinated pool is cleaned every day and we allocate 30min swim time per person, exclusive use,
with 30 min gaps in between
7.We request a signed declaration of good health from all guests at the time of booking

...now let's get back to telling you about Kariappa House,


The family members do not all live here full time hence rooms and apartments are available for guests. Some areas are retained as private quarters for those of us staying here.
If you want to know more about the history, the restoration, site plan, types of houses within the property....step in through the link.


Pondicherry is well known for its French Quarter.
Kariappa House is within walking distance of this
Boulevard town area.
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What we offer at Kariappa House

This property has multiple facets to it. While it is our HOME and we have our private quarters here, we offer various types of accomodation for various duration and purpose.

-for those who wish to have exclusive stay with no other  guests around.
-for those who want a furnished and serviced place, with free wifi, to work quietly
-ideal for locals who wish to drive down to Pondicherry...we have secure parking

Bed & Breakfast 

Private en suite Rooms

Vacation Rentals

Serviced Studio Apartments

Long term Rentals

Serviced 2 Bedroom unit

Residential Retreats & Workshop space

Rooms & other facilities

The CARE we provide

When you stay with us, you get absolute personalised service from
the team who do it not because its their job,
but because who THEY ARE...and for their love for this house.

Meet them...

The Pondicherry Experience

Even before you come to stay with us, we would like to tell you about our beloved Pondicherry...what makes it special. 

About us

It takes a large bunch of friends & family to make K House a home. When you come to stay with us for a longer period,  you will most likely meet quite a few of us.

Contact us

We sincerely hope our site will answer all your questions, if not...

Our other homes

Over the years we have created some beautiful spaces & none of them are typical 'hotels".
If you want to know more about them, 


Karriappa House lends itself to creative pursuits which enrich our souls. Be it music, food, culture, bodywork, literature, we collaborate with like minded people to host events.