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As residents of Pondicherry, we think its a blessing that we are a small town.
The flip side of this is that we are connected by a narrow guage railway track and only small aircrafts can land on our air strip.


We have a tiny railway station in Pondicherry and you can see a list of all trains that come here...TRAINS TO PONDICHERRY

However, to connect to major Indian cities, you need to take a cab to VILLUPURAM (1 hour away) and connect from there.

More deatils at INDIAN RAILWAY site


We have an adorably tiny airport in Pondicherry

Naturally, only the small Q400 flights land here. and passengers walk from the terminal to the aircraft.
At present, it connects us only to Bangalore and Hyderabad, from where you can take connecting flights.

Its imprtant to note that flights may get cancelled at any time due to 'bad weather', so it is rather undependable.

So, this is what we recommend:
Fly into Chennai and we will send a cab to pick yu up from there or take a train to Villupuram or Chennai and a Cab will pick you up.

Cab from Chennai to Pondicherry

takes around 3 hours.

CHENNAI has an international airport.

Cab options:
We can send you a trusted Cab from Pondicherry, costs around Rs. 3500/-
You can pre-book an OLA CAB or an UBER CAB online or take a pre-paid cab from the airport. They may be slightly cheaper but we cannot guarantee their quality or service.  


if you are comfortable driving on Indian Roads (we drive on the left of the road), then a self drive car is a great option from Chennai or Bangalore. 
ZOOM CAR is a good option


Take a Bus...for adventure & to save money

There are several operators and optons. 
Some are Air-conditioned Volvo buses, some Non-Airconditioned Local buses.
Here are two links for booking buses:

Red Bus

Remember, the Government buses are always cheaper.


You can book buses to all connecting places from these sites.

Bangalore - Pondicherry by Road

RECOMMENDED DRIVING ROUTE FROM BANGALORE...since we get so many people driving in from Bangalore, we think its important to suggest what we think is a better route.
While the Thiruvanmalai Route is SHORTER, it has forever had a very bad surface. The advantage is that you can stop at Gingee and Thiruvanmali on the way if you want.

However, we recommend the Second route which is the Chennai-Bangalore Highway for the most part, which makes driving very easy. From Arcot you drive through District roads through Tamil countryside, which is also very picturesque. It take approximately the same time to get to your destination, with a much less bumpy ride

Thiruvanmalai Route

Arcot-Vandavasi Route

GINGEE FORT, on the Thiruvanmalai route

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